July 9, 2021

How to Prepare for A Remote Employee Termination

By k4m4gra22

Once you have decided to terminate a remote worker, it is critical to line things up before you conduct the actual firing.

One of the first steps is to work with your IT department to schedule a day and time to shut down the employee’s online access to any online programs they have access to, such as their email account and Office 365 or G Suite. You also want to arrange to have their profile removed from the website and any other official ties between your company and the employee cut as soon as the termination occurs.

Then there are major decisions for you. The challenge is that there are no right answers. Those issues include the following.

Who will be present for the actual firing? Appointing who will be the spokesperson in the remote meeting and who else will be present is another issue you need to resolve before moving forward. Usually, the most appropriate spokesperson is the employee’s direct supervisor.

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There should also be a representative from human resources and perhaps a lawyer. Having more than one person present at the termination meeting sends the message that the decision was a collective one. It also ensures other witnesses were present, who can attest to how the actual termination occurred.

How to create the official termination letter. The termination letter is an important document for three reasons. One, its tone and content reinforce the message that the employment relationship is over. Two, it can become evidence in litigation. And, three, the terminated employee can post excerpts, out of context, on social networks, damaging your company’s reputation.

Your letter should explicitly state that the employee is being terminated, and it should outline any compensation or benefits they may receive. We’ve created examples of termination letters you can use as a template.